Suunto PC Interface

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This page contains GIF images of the circuit diagram for the Solution interface, the PCB artwork, the board layout, a typical side elevation of the assembly, a parts list, some hints and a little about troubleshooting. This is a self-extracting 2. 5MB file; although Solution variants aren`t listed, the same software is used for all the older co

Suunto PC Interface
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

mputer types (just use the Vyper version!). Logbook data created with the old "DiveLog" software can be imported into it. The pin numbers for the serial port are for a 9 pin "D" connector as is usually fitted to COM1 on most PCs. They must not be used with a 25 pin connector, refer to your PC`s handbook for the functionally equivalent pin numbers, alternatively 9 pin to 25 pin converters are readily available from RS, Maplin and Tandy. The pcb image is viewed from the copper side of the board to enable those without access to a laser printer to copy the pattern onto copper-clad board with an etch resist pen. The diameter of the pillars used on the prototype prevented the Suunto being attached to the interface without first removing the protective plastic screen; by using smaller diameter pillars it may be possible to leave the cover in position. Ignore the board outline and cut the board to suit the box you intend to use. You may need to profile the sides of the board to avoid the pcb guides inside the box. All component holes are 0. 8mm, those for the test pins and pillars should be suitable for whatever parts you use. 1. 5mm holes were drilled "above" the cable terminations, the individual wires were passed through these to provide some degree of strain relief for the solder joints. Please note that I built mine into a second-hand box that didn`t have a lid, I had to fabricate one from a piece of aluminium. The mechanical...

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