Switching Power Supply

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

The circuit in the schematic below is an improved piece of generator electronics. This is an unregulated switcher. Its function is to make the instrument as loud as possible while keeping the CPU running as long as possible. It transfers electrical energy from the generator more efficiently than rectifier and ACMultiplier circuits. It is being imp

Switching Power Supply
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roved on this website as a group activity. In this circuit, each of the two phases of the stepper motor gets doubled then summed. This is done so that the smallest body movements can generate sufficient voltage to make a sound, even if it`s very quiet. The difference between very loud sounds and very quiet sounds is usually important in music. It is termed the dynamics of the music. This circuit uses a 551 oscillator. The 551 is low-voltage version of the 555 Timer. It oscillates at about 200KHz and drives the base of a power transistor. The base of the power transistor is gated all-on, or all-off. This ensures that the transistor is operating in its most efficient region. This is typical of power-switching circuits such as regulators and type Damplifiers. In this circuit, a TIP120 transistor switches the generator`s current into the inductor for brief bursts (about 500 ns) and then disconnects the inductor for 4500ns. 500 ns is long enough to establish a magnetic field in the coil. In the 4500ns interval, the magnetic field in the coil induces a current in the wire which charges the capacitor. The voltage in the capacitor is nearly insignificant - when the coil`s current is released, it flows into the capacitor. The only practical current limit arises from the internal impedances of the coil and the capacitor(s). In this circuit, the output capacitance is actually a parallel combination of two capacitors: One electrolytic...

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