TB6600 5A Single Axis 5A CNC Stepper Driver For CNC Milling Machine DIY Max 50V

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Two-phase hybrid stepping motor dynamic voltage 12 to 48V, the current is less than 5A outer diameter of 35 to 86 mm. This drive using the drive`s current loop subdivision control, the motor torque ripple is very small, low-speed running is very smooth, almost no vibration and noise. High-speed torque is much higher than other two-phase drive, high positioning

TB6600 5A Single Axis 5A CNC Stepper Driver For CNC Milling Machine DIY Max 50V
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accuracy. Widely used in the engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other high resolution requirements on the device. - The semi-flow function is a step pulse 200ms, the driver output current is automatically reduced to the rated output current50%, used to prevent motor heating. Drive and two-phase hybrid stepper motor`s connection with the four-wire system, the motor windings in parallel and series connection, and connection method, high-speed performance, but the drive current is large (for motor winding current of 1. 73 times), Connected in series when the drive current is equal to the motor winding current.

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