TENS Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

I initially designed these circuits for a friend who had muscle problems and while he says they did work well for him, I `DO NOT` RECOMMEND THE USE OF THESE DEVICES BY ANYONE FOR ANY REASON. I ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FROM THERE ASSEMBLY OR USE IN ANYWAY. `T1` in Circuits `1 & 2` is a small audio transformer with the 8 ohm impedance w

TENS Circuits
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inding connected to the Fet and the larger winding connected to the probe and ground. I Recommend using a "Mode" Transformer, Part Number 60-282-0. The Base connects to the Gate, the Collector to the Drain, and the Emitter to the Source. This change will result in a "Lower Power Output", but it still works. The PCB for the Ten-1 also has provisions for a pot to control the Frequency of the 555. If you don`t want to use this control, Just Short it out. If you do want this control, use a 1M or 2M Pot and Change R1 (2M2) to a 1M.

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