Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This area shows the construction and testing of a medium to large class Tesla coil. In this section, the previous coils were dismantled and a new larger coil, with a secondary over 6 inches, was redesigned and constructed for maximum efficiency at a power if about 1, 440 watts. The tesla coil project is aimed mainly at the scientific and Tesla coil

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er community. I intend to use my Tesla coil for lightning demonstrations and entertainment. The Tesla coils so far on this page were of low power and experimental in nature. This section shows a larger and more efficient coil built from scratch and within stricter adherance to the electrical rules involved in Tesla coiling. The new coil is a 1. 5 KVA coil running off a bank of two 12KV, 60 mA NST`s and sports a 6-inch secondary made from scratch! The secondary form for this coil is made of layered acrylic fabric sheets stiffened with styrofoam to form a 6-inch diameter cylinder and laminated with many layers of polystyrene resin (fiberglass clear boat resin). Each end is sealed and capped with 1/4 inch plexiglass and the form is close-wound with about 900 turns of #22 magnet wire. The tank circuit for this coil is a modified RQ spark gap with 10 3" x 3/4" copper pipe electrodes and 10 doorknob capacitors in parallel (each is 2500 pF at 30KV) yeilding 0. 025 uF. The entire tank circuit is wired with 1/4" copper tubing encased in clear neoprene and heavy metal strip for the caps. The primary is a 15 degree inverted cone of 1/4" copper tubing with 1/4" spacing (about 10 turns tapped at 8). The support for the coil is a wooden frame about 18 inches high on casters for easy movement. There are three safety gaps, two formed by bolts on the doorknob EMMC bank, and one on the "supply panel" where two RF chokes (each 100 turns #22...

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