TPA2011D1 3.2W Mono Filter-Free Class-D Audio Power Amplifier With Auto-Recovering Short-Circuit Protection

The TPA3007D1 is a 6. 5-W mono bridge-tied load (BTL) class-D Audio Power Amplifier with high efficiency, eliminating the need for heat sinks. The TPA3007D1 CAN drive 8- speakers with only a ferrite bead Filter required to reduce EMI The gain of the Amplifier is controlled by two input terminals, GAIN1 and GAIN0. This allows the Amplifier to be con

figured for a gain of 12, 18, 23. 6, and 36 dB. The differential input stage provides high common mode rejection and improved power supply rejection. The Amplifier also includes depop circuitry to reduce the amount of pop at power-up and when cycling SHUTDOWN. The TPA3007D1 is available in the 24-pin TSSOP package (PW) and does not require an external heat sink. By Texas Instruments

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