TPS3803G15 Single Voltage Detector

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The TRF1115 is the first of two ASICs used in the receiver section of Texas Instruments MMDS/MDS/WCS/802. 16x chipset. The TRF1115 down-converts the input frequency to an IF frequency in the range of 420 MHz to 480 MHz. The device provides a differential output that passes through a SAW Filter before connecting to a second Down Converter chip. (Not

TPS3803G15 Single Voltage Detector
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e: For the best performance, the Texas Instruments TRF1112 should be used to perform both the second down conversion and provide the local Oscillator for the TRF1115. ) In order to provide exceptional image rejection and extra jammer rejection, the TRF1115 offers a signal path to an off-chip Filter Specifications are provided assuming an in-band 1. 5-dB loss in this Filter The TRF1115 includes a differential LO Buffer mixer, and IF Amplifier for improved performance. After the Filter an on-chip balun converts the signal from single-ended to differential in order to provide better noise immunity in the mixer.

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