TS2012 Filter-free Stereo 2x2.8W Class D Audio Power Amplifer

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The TS2418 is a monolithic integrated circuit telephone Tone ringer with bridge Diode when coupled with an appropriate transducer, it replaces the electromechanical bell. This device is designed for use with either a piezo transducer or an inexpensive transformer coupled speaker to produce a pleasing Tone composed of a high frequency (fR) alternat

TS2012 Filter-free Stereo 2x2.8W Class D Audio Power Amplifer
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ing with a low frequency (fL) resulting in a warble frequency. The supply voltage is obtained from the AC ring signal and the circuit is designed so that noise on the line or variation of the ringing signal CAN not affect correct operation of the device By Taiwan Semiconductor Company, Ltd. (TSC)

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