A Tv remote jammer circuit, using NE555 timer IC. By using this you can watch your favorite TV channel without any interruptions. Ie; No one can be able to change the channel by means of remote, if the circuit remains ON. The circuit is simple to make at your own home, with very low cost. Let`s go deeply into the specification and requirem

ents of this Project. This TV remote jammer is working on the basis, the IR rays emitted from the remote is interrupted continuously by means of this circuit. The normal operating frequency range of a TV remote is 38KHz. This circuit produces a frequency of about 12KHz. The 12KHz frequency is generated by the help of NE555 timer IC, the frequency is determined by the network consisting of RA RB and C; 10K, 1K, and 0. 01uF respectively. The output taken from the IC is given directly to a current driving PNP transistor, SK100. The transistor act as a switching network, it goes into conduction whenever the output of IC drives into negative going cycle. The conduction of transistor switch ON the IR led and emits IR rays of frequency 12Khz. This may interfere with the rays emitted from TV remote, which makes it disabled.

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