TV Remote Control Jammer

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

This is a very easy circuit that every one could make and have fun. This project popped out of nowhere, one day that i was trying to control the TV from the serial port of the computer. It took me no more than a few minutes to understand the simple method that the remote controls work, and even less time to make a circuit to have fun with my girlf

TV Remote Control Jammer
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

riend :) Because this circuit is easy enough for everyone to make, i decided, instead of writing how this circuit works, to get a little bit deeper on how remote controls work. Although there are tons of manuals, spec papers and tutorials on how those remotes work, i wanted to do it my way. I connected the oscilloscope on the IR LED of my remote control and after some key presses and range selects, voila! The signal revealed. Let`s see for example what happens when i press the buttons 1 and 2. Then we will try to decode the signal transmitted. The signal is transmitted from left to right. A starting bit is first to be transmitted. Then, 5 aces (5x1) follows the signal. From then on, 9 bits will follow, and those bits are considered to be the data bits. The last two bits should be the end bits. According to what key we press, the transmitter will send this pattern, and the code bits shall change. The buttons that i chose to send are not random. I run some tests and saw that when the numeric keys are pressed, the code bits will have the binary number of each button. The first (top) code was sent when we pressed the button 1, and the second code (bottom) was sent when we pressed key 2. If you mirror the binary numbers and invert the bits, you will get the number 1 and 2: It should be taken into account that the delay from pulse to pulse, AKA period of the signal is approximately 1mSec. This is good to know for other projects,...

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