TV Remote Jammer!

A circuit that will block my TV and any device I choose from getting a signal from the normal remote control. I turn an ordinary remote into a jammer and the remote still works normally! Watch the video to see it work. I chose to use a Sony remote control (SR-P30) because it has plenty of room inside to add my circuit and a 9 volt battery while keeping the remote fully functional. I hot glued the circuit inside the remote control.

I also had to remove 2 posts to make room for the 9 volt battery. Tape down the LED`s near the existing LED. I used the existing switch on the remote and wired my 9 volt battery to it. You may have to tinker with the 10k pot to get the frequency right for the device you are targeting. Adjust the pot while the remote is `on` and test it with the original remote until the jammer confuses the device. Now, just pull out the remote whenever you need to take control of your device and no one will have any idea what`s going on. You can bring this to a friends house and drive them nuts! Have fun, be safe! Oh crap, here we go again! Can`t I do a single Instructable without someone claiming it is harmful, illegal, immoral or dangerous Next time I will do one on how to watch paint dry. But then again you could hurt your eyes doing that. Geez! i`ve got the evil genius book, and i reccomend it t anyone who like these sort of gadgets. it has tons of ideas and easy to hard projects to make. BUT from what i remember, yours doesn`t copy the authors idea. OMG. I heard these things violate FCC rule 332. 23. a64 part d, subsection F, paragraph 9. This is so illegal, I can`t believe you do these things. According to my research on the internets, this is very un-american, as only communists make these, and kittens die from exposure to the cancer rays. In seriousness: how does this jammer work Is it basically so `bright` that the receiver...

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