TV-Terminal serial TV/VGA/KBD-Controllers

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Your TVT-MOBI-2 will only display this static image and will not yet react to any data received by its serial interface. With one exception. You can set the internal clock of the TVT-MOBI-2 by supplying a date and a time value, and it will calculate the day of week and will from now on display the actual date and time ! Displayed on

TV-Terminal serial TV/VGA/KBD-Controllers
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the screen you can see the ID of your TVT-MOBI-2, which you must know in order obtain the correct activation code. There exist two different activation codes, a demo activation code and a full version activation code. An activation code always consists of a date (DD;MM;YY) and a time (HH;MM;SS) value. After submission of the demo activation code, your TVT-MOBI-2 is fully functional for a testing period of 40 working hours (that means, the time is only running while it is powered on). So you`ve got plenty of time to evaluate the beast ! Now. here comes the description how to activate it ! After you have clicked on the link further down on this page, a window opens, which lets you enter the ID of your TVT-MOBI-2. After you have clicked on the input button, you can see your activation code displayed on the screen in format DD. MM. YY HH:MM:SS If you later decide to activate the full version of your TVT-MOBI-2, and you forgot your ID, you have to wait till the demo period expires, in order to get your TVT-MOBI-2`s ID displayed again on the screen ! First, submit the date in format ESC[DD;MM;YY t For example ESC[15;05;54 t means sending: $1B $5B $31 $35 $3B $30 $35 $3B $35 $34 $3F $74. Second, submit the time in format ESC[HH;MM;SS s For example ESC[10;31;37 s means sending: $1B $5B $31 $30 $3B $33 $31 $3B $33 $37 $3F $73. If you have supplied the correct code, the TVT-MOBI-2 will reset after a few seconds and the 40-hour demo...

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