Telephone privacy circuit

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

Built quickly from the parts found on my home lab, seemed to work on short test with telephone line simulator and line connected to PBX, I have received a report that this circuit works well in Australia This circuit is a simple circuit which prevents picking up other telephone when one telephone is in use. This can be done easily

Telephone privacy circuit
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by installing this type of circuit between any telephone and the telephone line. This type of function is very useful when you don`t want other people from disturbing your modem connection or listening to your telephone calls by picking up other telephone connected to same line. The idea of the circuit is to sense the voltage in the telephone line when the telephone is picked up. If that voltage is higher than about 30V (normal on-hook voltages is about 48V) then the circuit lets the telephone to work normally. If the voltage is lower 30V it prevents the current from going to telephone line to telehone (normally the voltage in line is about 6-10V when one telephone is off-hook). The circuit is designed so that is passes the ring voltage to all telephones without problems. The circuit is very simple circuit built from one DIAC and one TRIAC. When telephone is picked up it will not get any operating current unless the TRIAC Q2 in series with telephone conducts. The triggering of the TRIAC Q2 is done through DIAC Q1, which will trigget the triac if there is more than about 30V voltage between TRIAC Q2 leads connected to telephone line wires. When TRIAC Q2 start to conduct it will conduct as long as there is any current flowing through it. So TRIAC Q2 conducts until the the telehone handset is put on-hook (call has ended). This circuit is very similar to the operation of commercial adapters, but remeber that this adapter is not...

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