Telephony DTMF Circuits

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This circuit is able to handle nine independent telephones (using a single telephone line pair) located at nine different locations, PDF Bidirectional telephone line simulator without using telephone lines, couple, test and demonstrate all types of telephone equipment such as: answering machine, modem, fax, call recorder, call diverter, extension ringer, telephone ring booster, security autodialler etc.

Telephony DTMF Circuits
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Couple modem equipped PCs for gaming or testing of communications software Cordless phone frequencies cordless phones are still analogue and use the frequency from 30-50MHz. The signal is FM-modulated and can easy be picked up with any FM-receiver DTMF Generation with a 3. 58 MHz Crystal DTMF generation consists of selecting and combining two audio tone frequencies associated with the rows (low band frequency) and columns (high band frequency) of a pushbutton touch tone telephone keypad, PDF DTMF Generator The MV5089 is fabricated using ISO-CMOS high density technology and offers low power and wide voltage operation. An inexpensive 3. 58MHz TV crystal completes the reference oscillator. From this frequency are derived 8 different sinusoidal frequencies which, when appropriately mixed, provide Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) tones, PDF DTMF tone decoder with LCD display this project displays telephone numbers decoded from tones. A microphone picks up the tones, a preamplifier boosts the signals, an SSI-202 DTMF chip decodes the tones, a Basic Stamp acts as an interface to an LCD display and also provides "RS-232" serial output Telephone Line In Use Indicator This document presents a design for an electronic circuit which connects to a telephone line and provides a visual indication of whether or not the line is in use, so that two or more people sharing a line can avoid interrupting each other`s voice or modem calls...

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