Temperature Controller For PC PCB

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Our computer may often heated up due to long use or the hot climate, temperature controllers are necessary. You need to do a temperature measurement to ensure that the computer is work within the allowed range. To reduce pc temperature, here is circuit diagram of a simple temperature controller for your personal computer (PC) based on a temperatur

Temperature Controller For PC PCB
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

e sensor LM35 and a comparator CA3140. The circuit turns off the PC when the temperature of the computer increases beyond a particular, optimum temperature value. This avoids overheating of some integrated chips (IC) that may not be able to dissipate heat fast enough. For this pc temperature controller, the cut off temperature is assumed to be 55 degree Celsius. The circuit contains a temperature sensor LM35 and comparator. ( The threshold value of 55 can be adjusted using VR1 potentiometer actually varies the comparator reference voltage). The R1, R2 and ZD1(9V, 0. 5W) used for stabilizing the output of the rectifier. In normal temperature, the comparator produces an error voltage which triggers the triac that give supply to PC (load). Whenever the PC temperature go beyond the threshold value, the comparator output become low, causes to shut down the triac hence the PC.

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