Temperature Sensor Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The IC we will use to measure the temperature is the TMP36 IC. We will integrate this with the arduino to measure the temperature. The arduino will then read this measured value from the TMP36 and translate into degrees fahrenheit which we will be able to read from the computer. The TMP36 is a low voltage IC which uses between 2. 7V and 5. 5V of pow

Temperature Sensor Circuit
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er. This is ideal because the arduino`s power pin gives out 5V of power. The IC has just 3 pins, 2 for the power supply and one for the analog output. The output pin provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the celsius (centigrade) temperature. In order to get the temperature in fahrenheit, we have to write code to the arduino to convert this celsius temperature into fahrenheit. The code is shown below. Pin 1 receives positive DC voltage in order for the IC to work. This, again, is voltage between 2. 7-5. 5V. Pin 3 is the ground, so it receives the ground or negative terminal of the DC power supply. And Pin 2 is the output of the IC, outputting an analog voltage in porportion to the temperature it measures. Also to do this project we need a USB cable with a Type A connector on one end and a Type B connector on the other end. This is so that we can hook our arduino to a computer and send it code that it can run to dispaly to us the temperature. Now that we have this circuit setup, we now connect the USB cable from the arduino to the computer. The type B side of the connector goes into the arduino and the type A side into the USB port of the computer. Now the computer is connected to the arduino. We can now write code in the processing software to give instructions to the arduino. The code will now be explained. Before we can get a celsius or fahrenheit reading of the temperature, the analog output voltage...

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