Tensor Energy Coils

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

He artfully showed that within the quadrature concept, there must be three forces that can be manipulated and not just the two we have been working with [EM]. Electric field has Positiveand Negative voltage, Magnetic field has North and South poles, andTempic field has Gravity and Anti gravity Tensors moving through one another. To polarize the Electric field we move Electrons off one side of a capacitor and

Tensor Energy Coils
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deposit them on the other side and this structure holds them tightly separated into their polarity. To polarize the Magnetic field we align Iron, Nickel, or Cobalt atoms in a neat row and the "field poles" separate in space to the two ends separating North and South nodes in the coherent field created. To polarize Gravity. well it already is polarized. We see all around us what we call Up and Down. An accelerating force, and from our conscious perception the strongest of them all. Gravity is modeled as two Tensors meeting in an opposition of unbalanced state already. A gravity or G Tensorpointing to the center of the earth, and an Anti gravity or AG Tensor pointing upwards. What is not clearly understood is that these are the result of the two spins appearing inside all matter. The Electron is the outer world reactive layer that couples us into the G tensor and the Proton is the inner or sub dominant layer giving access to the AG Tensor. Inside all matter these unbalance into the Neutron core and are regulated there by the longitudinal wave pulses holding the atom in its tightly coupled state by the strong force. Proton shell sets inside the strong force layer and electron shell outside it. Electron shell rotates opposite as its path around the nucleus, and Proton the same direction as its orbital motion. There are three spins to consider, however for simplicity of Tensor applications we are only concerned with the result....

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