Tesl coil design

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Tesla coils are air-core, resonant transformers. Working at high frequencies, they can generate tremendous voltages with spectacular lightning-like discharges. The most popular use for them has been in the film industry, where they are used whenever lightning or electrical arcs are required. Perhaps the best use of Tesla coil effect s can be seen in `The Entity`. In this

Tesl coil design
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film, the actor actually has lightning bolts radiating from her body, and this scene was not faked. (William Wysock provided the effects. ) Another film was "Terminator II", specifically the scene where the `bad` Terminator arrives from the future in the first part of the film. (the scene with all the trucks. ). The picture of the man on the right-hand side is of Nikola Tesla. The man whose invention bears his name. The greatest electrical inventor of modern times. For more info on him click on his picture or goto my Nikola Tesla Bio. As mentioned, Tesla coils are resonant transformers. This implies that there is a specific frequency at which they operate - the resonant frequency. There is no "special" universal Tesla coil frequency - rather, you either target a frequency in the design, or tune a coil into whatever frequency it happens to be happy with. What determines this resonant frequency is the secondary coil - a complex LCR network. The inductive (L) component is the physical coil itself, and is based upon the number of turns, the diameter and length of the coil. The capacitive (C) component is comprised of several isotropic values; the surface of the secondary wire and the discharge electrode. (Isotropic capacitance in essence is `virtual` capacitance - there is a capacitive effect even though it appears like there isn`t any physical plates to create the capacitor. ) The resistive (R) component consists of the wire...

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