Tesla Coils

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

In this picture is everything you will need to make a self running power supply. The input is a 12vdc 7ah lead acid or gel cell battery (not shown). The input goes to a 12vdc to 120vac inverter of about 200 watts more or less, it is not critical as long as it can turn on the next part, the transformer. The transformer is a 9000v, 30ma, 35khz neon

Tesla Coils
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sign transformer with two outputs that are rectified and its output is controlled by the variac for neon signs after the inverter. The next thing you see is two high voltage capacitors of. 1uF 4000vdc. They are in parallel which makes. 2uF 4000vdc. These are the self healing type, though not critical as long as you keep the transformer adjusted to 4000 volts or less. Don keeps it down around 2000 to 3000 volts. The next part before the coils is the enclosed spark gap connected to the neon transformer ground and the one end of the L-1 coil and the capacitors. Where the wire and the gap meet is also your grounding lug for this part of the system. If you look carefully at the capacitors, you will see that they are in parallel across the two L-1 coil wires (red) and the high voltage diodes are coming from two different connections and meeting at the capacitors. Look carefully at the polarity of the diodes. These diodes should be rated at least 2 times the output of the transformer. The next part is the L-1 coil that takes the power that you have generated and sets how much you are going to step it up. For example: If you have 2500 volts coming from the transformer and you have 10 turns on your L-1 coil, then you divide 2500 by 10 and you get 250 volts to transfer to each L-2 winding. So if you have 30 windings on your L-2 coil, then you will have stepped the voltage up to 7500 volts. 60 windings = 15000 volts. 100 windings =...

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