Tesla coil circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The Tesla Coil I’ll be using will use a HV (High Voltage) power source that gives off 9 kV at around 30 mA. The rest of the Tesla coil will be made of 6 Glass bottles, Table salt, Oil, and Aluminum foil for the capacitors, the Primary coil will be made of around 10 feet of copper tubing, the secondary coil will be made of 1.5` PVC, 300 feet of 24 AWG copper wire, 1.5` PVC screw thing, 1.5` Metal floor flange, Spray on enamel, and the Discharge Terminal.

Tesla coil circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Interesting Note(s): 1. The Incandescent had an interesting effect during the Contact test. The filament in the center projected a Plasma-like Substance to the glass on the outside of the bulb, not even close to normal, functioning. This lasted for a few seconds; it then burnt out the filament. 2. The Camera I was using for the experiments was not able to be close enough to get high-quality pictures without being zapped by the Tesla Coil lighting, ruining the Camera. The Photos taken did not show up well as it was (the lightning-like things were too fast to be captured. (All photos are taken off of Google Images) 3. After the experiments I had a little fun playing with it. And this resulted in the HV power source frying, resulting in the Tesla coil breaking. Further Tests have come to a standstill and will not be returning.

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