Testing a EM-406A GPS module

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Some months ago I ordered a EM-406 GPS module from Sparkfun. I intended to explore geotagging and this module seemed to be a simple one to use : integrated antenna, SiRF III chipset (seems to be well know on forums) while not too expensive. You provide a 5V power source and it begins to output NMEA sentences on the TX output at 4800 bauds. When th

Testing a EM-406A GPS module
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e led stops blinking the module is fixed : enough satellites are tracked to computes its position as Lat/Long coordinates. One problem is that the serial level is not TTL : 2. 8V instead of 5V. Simply connecting the module TX to the level shifter RX-I is not enough. Another level adaptation is done with the following circuit I found after several days of Google fruitless searches : [Dead link]. The simplest way to test if you can correctly read NMEA sentences on your PC is to launch the Terminal configured with the following parameters : 4800 bauds, 1 stop-bit, no parity. To go further and actually see the content of the data sent by the GPS module, the SiRFDemo application is very helpful (

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