The Emperors New Amplifier

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The power supply has been simplified- Power transformers and rectifiers have been omitted and some parts have been omitted from the MOSFET voltage regulator circuits: 1N5242 zener diodes between the source and gate and 10k resistors in series with the gate. These parts serve as protection in case of accidental short circuits, but don`t affect the operating point.

The Emperors New Amplifier
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The full power supply schematic is shown below. 6SN7`s are used instead of 12AU7`s for the driver tubes. They have the same plate characteristics, but they have higher maximum plate voltage (450 vs. 330 V) and greater plate dissipation (3. 75 vs. 2. 75 W per section). Think of the octal-based 6SN7 as a 12AU7 on steroids. All resistors are 1/2 watt unless noted, and with the following exceptions. R3P, R4P and R5C through R8C (68K) are 2W. R9C through R12C (20 ohm) are 1W: I used 2-10 ohm resistors in series to make them. R9S through R12S (200 ohms) are 2W. Capacitor voltage ratings: It never hurts to go over the minimum, though the capacitors will be larger and may cost more. I often use caps with higher voltage ratings because I have them on hand or found them at a good price in an electronics surplus shop. Here are some minimum ratings: C1G: 100V. C2G: 400V (600V would be better; necessary without the time delay); C3G and C4G: 400V (600V would be better); C3M and C4M: 400V; C5G through C8G: 600V; CBS2, CBS4, CBS6 and CBX1 through CBX3: 100V. The voltage ratings of many of the power supply capacitors are shown on the circuit board wiring diagrams, below. Some of the feedback connections may be a little hard to trace. ORN goes between the 20 ohm output transformer secondary feedback winding and R3F near TU3. Similarly, VLT goes to R4F near TU4. BLU and BLK on the output transformer secondary speaker winding go to the output...

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