The Follow-Me Rover robot circuit

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

It uses body heat to locate and track its human master. At heart of this heat seeking capability is the Devantech TPA81 Thermal Sensor Array. The TPA81 consists of an array of eight detectors mounted horizontally. Each of the detectors is capable of detecting infrared at radiant heat wavelengths. The array also provides the current ambient air temperature.

The Follow-Me Rover robot circuit
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By comparing the detectors to the ambient temperature it is relatively easy to detect the presence of a human body and determine its direction. This robot uses a Scorpion motor controller to drive the four DC motors. The motors are wired in two pairs with one pair for the right side and the other on the left. The Scorpion does all the processing required to give smooth coordinated turns. Since I did not want to generate the servo signals directly I used a Parallax Servo Controller (PSC). The PSC takes simple serial commands and then does all the work of generating the servo pulses. Power for the motors is supplied from a single 7. 2 volt 2800mah battery. This battery is for the motors only. Power for all the other electronics is supplied from a second smaller 1600mah battery. The batteries are capable of running the robot for over an hour. For this application the Basic Stamp is the Mission  processor. All the behaviors for this robot`s mission are controlled by this processor. It takes in sensor information and in turn controls the motion of the robot via the motor system. The Stamp is programmed in a language called PBASIC. Although not the most robust language, it is simple to use and modify. This makes it an ideal language to write the high level mission code. There are three major sensor systems which connect to the Basic Stamp. Mounted on the upper deck of the robot are the proximity and thermal sensors. The...

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