The L3 Wire-amplifier NH19-6112

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

THE L3 WIRE - AMPLIFIER TYPE NH19-6112 P. REWIERSMA NIKHEF-H AMSTERDAM FEBRUARY 1986 Abstract: This note describes in detail the design considerations and performance of the hybrid linear amplifier for the muon detector in the LEP L3 experiment. The L3 WIRE - AMPLIFIER is hybridized in thin-film technology on a 0. 32 x 1. O inch alumina substrate an

The L3 Wire-amplifier NH19-6112
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d has a ten pins single-in_line pin-out. The circuits amplification factor is 25 mV/uA and has an output rise-time of 4 ns. The L3 WIRE - AMPLIFIER outputs can drive 100 ohm twisted-pair cable. The standing power dissipation of the amplifier is only a mere 30 mW. - Contents 1] Introduction 2] Design Considerations 3] Circuit Description 4] Amplifier Performance 5] Application Notes 6] Production, Testing and Reliability 7] References 8] Picture and Figure Captions 9] Electrical Schematic 10] Electrical Specifications 11] Partlist 12] Mechanical Specifications 13] Layout of Hybrid Circuit 1] Introduction [Back to Contents] The LEP 3 muon detector [1] subdivides into appr. 7000 Z-layer and 24000 P-layer wires, equally divided over two sections, the so called Ferris wheels. The Z-layer wires are read out individually. For the P-layer wires however, the signals from opposite wires in the two Ferris wheels are combined into one amplifier for channel count reduction. The L3 muon detectors aim for high resolution muon track detection and are essentially multiwire driftchambers with < 150 um wire resolution. Multiple sampling brings the sagitta resolution down to < 50 um [2] [3]. The amount of channels to be installed for the L3 muon detector justified the custom design and hybridization of fully object taylored channel electronics. The total number of electronic channels -i. e. amplifiers, discriminators and TDCs- for the L3 muon...

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