The Remote Controlling Circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The design of this project depends on the sensors. The control module and the robot both contain sensors. The computer, in turn, analyzes the signals to make the appropriate output actions. As previously mentioned, the potentiometers are the sensors on the control unit. They send the signal to the computer that interprets the data. However, the co

The Remote Controlling Circuit
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ntrol module also has features to receive signals from the computer, which gives the controller a feel of the reality that the robot is in. This feature is comprised of three different devices. The first is a virtual reality helmet, with 32-bit colour, and approximately 500, 000 pixels per eye. This gives the operator a real sense of the reality, and allows him to operate the device effectively. A second less important feature is sound, this helps the operator gain more of a three dimensional feeling of the area. The third feature is touch. Special jammers ” operate when the robot reports that it has grabbed onto something. The jammers ” are essentially motors that reverse, therefore jamming the joint from further bending. Also, another way to send force-feedback is through vibration. Very much like the vibrate signal on a cell phone, the tip of the fingers on the suit vibrates when the robot touches something. As well, the temperature inside the suit is regulated, to a smaller degree of course, to reflect the temperature that the robot is experiencing. There are three corresponding sensors on the robot. The first is visual. It consists of two cameras on the robot, through which visual data is transmitted to the computer, analyzed, and then sent to the suit. The seco nd is the audio. This is achieved through special microphones on the robot. The audio signals are processed by the computer, and sent out to 8 speakers laid...

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