The Sea Song Project

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

An idea came to me while watching the waves coming in from Malaspina Strait during a storm a couple of weeks ago. What if a person could hear the sounds of ocean waves as an audio recording Not the sounds you`d hear while walking on the beach, or even under water, but the actual shape of the waves as audio.

The Sea Song Project
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As everyone knows, audio is just a series of waves that travel though the air to our ears. Those waves can produce any sound we hear from a high whistle, to a booming sub, all depending on how many of them happen in a given time. Wave cycles, or periods, in the ocean are 3 seconds to 15 seconds depending on location, weather, sea conditions etc. These frequencies are far too low for the human ear to hear, which is probably a good thing as the sounds from the ocean would probably drive us crazy! But if these waves are sped up by, say, 1000 times, we`d be able to hear them! A 4 second long wave would now be (. 24hz * 1000) 240 cycles per second, about B4 on a piano. A longer ocean swell if 12 seconds, would be 83 cps, or a B3 on the piano. This would all be pretty boring if ocean waves were just even sinusoidal shapes, but they`re not. In fact, waves exhibit the same properties as audio waves when different waves are mixed, distorted by land features, even the Doppler effect applies. These "mixes" of frequency create other frequencies known as harmonics. These would come up as other notes, perhaps with less level, but still enough to create a symphony of sound. Then to add a sprinkle of spice, randomness, such as a gust of wind forming ripples, a boat`s wake, or rain, will make white noise. This might resemble a whisper, or a cymbal, or just a hiss. Recordings, in order to produce any length of audio, would need to be taken...

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