The anti exciting type switching power supply based on FSDM0565R is designed

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

At present, the switching power supply is with its high performance, high efficiency 75%, the switching power supply efficiency of the single scale integration has already been more than 90% now, This pair solves the energy problem and plays a role in adding fuel to the flames, the Piower supply of a lot of energy-conserving electric apparatuses h

The anti exciting type switching power supply based on FSDM0565R is designed
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as already been replaced by the switching power supply; This text has introduced a kind of three phases inputting, anti exciting type stabilized voltage supply of switch of multi-output based on chip FSDM0565R of switching power supply. Have analyzed characteristic and operating principle of FSDM0565R, and provide its design circuit diagram, calculation of actual parameter and the choosing of the device, provide surveying the waveform and testing the technical indicator of this power module finally. Experimental result show, utilize switching power supply of chip design this have with high efficiency, the intersection of volume and little, the intersection of circuit and simple, the intersection of input voltage and the intersection of excursion and wide, the intersection of ripple and characteristic such as being little. Solve the problem that industry`s on-the-spot three phases input at the same time, have actual value to popularize. FSDM0565R is that the one piece switching power supply that Fairchild semiconductor produces designs the chip, it is shut off protective circuit, trouble protective circuit and other controlling circuit to integrate in a one piece device by PWM control device, Shaker, heat. Because own power consumption of the chip is very low, power efficiency is achievable about 80%. The concrete characteristic is as follows: A, firm internal avalanche value SenseFET; B, first intermittent for work pattern...

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