The electric current of mode control of the average current measures the circuit design of the voltage transformer

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

Mode control of the average current CMC Require it in order to control the total waveform of electric current of rebuild of cycle. This text recommend, choose concrete the intersection of voltage transformer and required some step for you, and how design one can satisfy terminal to employ against voltage transformer saturation demand circuit. Themodel that we used is the power

The electric current of mode control of the average current measures the circuit design of the voltage transformer
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factor correction PFC Topological. It is analyzed that the lieutenant general uses a kind of commercial electric current to measure the voltage transformer, is used for confirming the required parameter, understand how to utilize this kind of information to design a kind of circuit very against saturation. It means the power pulse  open  to reach PFC average CMC required electric current signal rebuild goal Time Electric current during this time and idle the intersection of energy and recover time  close  Time The electric current during this time, must include in electric current signals produced. Under heavy-duty PFC, the loss of the sensor system of the resistance is extremely high, so need to use the voltage transformer of the electric current. In analyzing, we design paying proving to this kind of required electric current voltage transformers in PFC circuit, because it is stricter to compare canonial forward converter its requirement. The schematic diagram of the power level of a power factor control converter of Fig. , including explaining this electric current measures the required detailed electric current of circuit design and measures the voltage transformer parameter Table 1 has listed the concrete details of two electric current voltage transformers used for discerning correctly this kind of converter uses. IinLpk electric current shows the required electric current voltage transformer has switching...

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