The embedded microcontroller MC68HC912B32 background debugs the mode to design

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

With the wide application of Flash technology on the microprocessor, make the one-chip computer have revolutionary changes in developing and employing the means, from the traditional simulator ICE Popular JTAG up till now, designers are looking for lower development means of a kind of transplantation higher, expenses easy to more use constantly. W

The embedded microcontroller MC68HC912B32 background debugs the mode to design
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hile using the traditional simulator to carry on embeddedly and develop, usually the debugging tool will be limited by price and convoluted operation, but as the microprocessor makes the technical development of technological improvement and Flash, some advanced the microprocessor For instance CPU12/16/32, PowerPC, ColdFire, etc. Inside has already included the microcode used for debugging, and can debug mode BDM Background Debug Mode through the background Debug, because this kind of method saves the simulator, preventing high frequency from being operated, unmatched scheduling problem of alternating current/direct current, with BDM being canonial and constant to standardize and popularize, debug mode, carry on with BDM embedded to develop, become one first choose already. MC68HC912B32 hereafter referred to as B32 Based on CPU12 central 16 embedded MCU by the intersection of Freescale and one that Company put out. It have the intersection of volume and little, the intersection of power consumption and little, the intersection of function and advantage more, etc. , used mainly in the intersection of car and electron, industrial control, medical equipment field, it earlier a background that offers of Freescale Company debugs 16 MCUs modally. It is that Freescale Company debugs the norm to debug the mode in background from slice defined. BDM is a kind of single wire Single Wire put out by Freescale semi-conductive company...

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