The grain based on PIC18F4580 weighs system design

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The grain measures the main technical indicator of grain quality to includes miscellaneous rate and volume density, not only determine grade and price of the grain, but also know direct influence it processes quality and edible quality. <>And stipulate the precision weighed should be up to 0 in  5498 grain of GB/ T, oil examine the mensuration

The grain based on PIC18F4580 weighs system design
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of unit weight. 1 g, in order to make the grain include miscellaneous rate and volume density integral characteristic of measuring instrument and meet requirements for national standard, this text has designed the high precision based on PIC one-chip computer to weigh the system, this system measures the weight of grain in weight and volume density recognizer miscellaneous in magnitude isolated by the impurity separator, and then get including miscellaneous rate and unit weight, etc. and used in the segmental key index parameter of grain of the sample fast. The principle that high precision weighs the system is shown as in Fig. 1, in the grain include miscellaneous rate and volume density meter, the load sensor installed below the feed cylinder changes the sample weight into the electric signal, the electric signal passes a passive low-pass filter with the incoming noise of wire rod of filtration first, and then amplify concurrent implementation AD to change to it by AD7799 instrument amplifier attached. Regard PIC18F4580 as the top management unit, read and write each register on AD to control AD to sample through SPI interface. The man-machine interface samples the data got by LCD liquid crystal display, the key set realizes the input of the function. Mutual, debug and data storage that USART module is used for carrying on the data with the upper computer. The low-noise power is used for driving systems simulation part...

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