The low-powered BJT base pin cast differentiates the circuit cipher scheme automatically

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

In electron technology, the triode uses a kind of extremely general components and parts, the parameter of the triode and a lot of electricity parametric measurement schemes, measuring results have a very close relation, so, in the electronic design, the base pin, typological judgement and measurement of the triode are very important. Measuring the base pin method of the triode

The low-powered BJT base pin cast differentiates the circuit cipher scheme automatically
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has multi-type, among them a commonly used one of laboratory is that the use multimeter and characteristic of triode every base pin carry on measurement, but because the voltage, electric current relation among each pin of the triode are complicated, and triode own volume minor, bring to measurement greatly inconvenient, at present at the market yet to the intersection of triode and base pin, device that type differentiates automatically. So, designing one seem particularly important to can differentiate the base pin of the triode, typological circuit automatically. Arrange the way according to type and base pin of the daily triode at present, the ones that designed differentiated the circuit automatically and included central control unit, chance-over circuit, measured the amplifying circuit and four parts of display circuit, as shown in Fig. 1, among them use AT89C2051 as the central control unit. Fig. 2 shows and differentiates the schematic circuit diagram of the hardware automatically for the base pin type of the triode, this hardware circuit mainly includes the one-chip computer AT89C2051, components and parts such as inverter CD4069, photoelectric coupler 4N25, 74LS06, 74LS07, several resistance and electric capacity, etc. Sent three binary codes different level of level P3. 2 mouth by P3. 0 of the one-chip computer at first, Send to pin No. 1, 2, 3 of the triode separately. As to different triodes, while sending...

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