The method of temperature controlling system of producing one-chip computer calorstat is analyzed

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

The cardinal principle originally designed is, the temperature value that the one-chip computer gathers the temperature sensor real time and place is compared with thermostatical values presumed and dealt with. Thus control and keep the temperature value of the sample container case. This text provides contents such as the conceptual design, circu

The method of temperature controlling system of producing one-chip computer calorstat is analyzed
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it of the hardware, software design, trouble removal of this system and debugging systematically, etc. The main performance index of the system is as follows, 1The invariable temperature value presumes the range: 20-50 is minimum distinguish degree: 1 ; f 2 The nixie tube reveals the actual temperature value, the display range: 0-99 ; It is distinguished degree that minimum: 0. 1 ; 3The control error of the temperature: Less than or equal to 4-1 ; 4Reveal the precision: The temperature controlled absolute error is less than or equal to 3 of. In view of fan cooling, the ambient temperature is higher than 20. Corresponding up-shift of thermostatical lower limit. This system is application and development based on C51 series one-chip computer of the classics, the ones that collected the acquisition of signal, machine format dealing with and temperature of the ambient temperature maintained and controlled and waited a moment it for the integrative numerical control system. Meanwhile, there are friendly human-computer interaction interface and simple and easy arrangement key set in this system design. MCU originally designed adopts sTC89C52 one-chip computer; Consider the need of saving the device to use. The temperature sensor adopts the digital temperature sensor DSl8820 of the single bus-mode, does not need to connect A, D converter, sampled value can be given the one-chip computer directly and deals with, simple and easy and...

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