The multi-channel segregation with backup battery exports the switching power supply

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With the high-speed development of social economy, the human demand for electric energy is larger and larger. Under non-renewable, situations in short day by day of energy such as the fossil energy, etc. , the increasingly many country realizes the power saving and develops the importance of the regenerated energy. So in recent years, new and high t

The multi-channel segregation with backup battery exports the switching power supply
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echnology such as high voltage direct current transmission, solar electrical energy generation get the fast development. And high-new technical development these leave controlled device of high-power that the characteristic promote day by day, such as IGBT. These large power devices are often taller than the large, integrated level in power and costing an arm and a leg, and need suitable his work`s driving circuit. Because big power device these make up, form bridge circuit, work only more often at work, each power device is independent, so its required voltage of driving circuit must be offered by multi-channel isolated direct-current volts, and such multi-channel isolated direct-current volts is exported and generally realized by the switching power supply. The switching power supply is generally supplied power for it by city power, so long as city power is normal, the switching power supply can work, and can export stable and multi-channelly and isolate the direct-current volts. Once city power breaks down, the output voltage of switching power supply will drop, and because the direct-flow mother who connects the HPSD is connecting the electrolytic capacitor greater in capacity in parallel on the line, the output voltage of the switching power supply must lead to the fact the voltage of the driving circuit drops while dropping, therefore will probably cause the power device to shut off and burn immediately at the moment of should be shut offing. So, the power supply switching power supply of the driving circuit is essential to overall system. For guarantee power device reliable operation, its driving circuit should be able to uninterrupted duty; Or in case of deenergization of city power, keep supplying power for some time, let power devices all close the deenergization in succession. Because the switching power supply is multi-channel isolated and exported, and there are many kinds of voltage class, if for export, allocate one storage battery all the way while being every, though all right security system run some time in case of deenergization of city power, but there is more quantity of storage batteries, need much chargers, and the node is various, safeguard the inconvenience, make reliability give a great discount. For it guarantees to be multi-channel to isolate, export the switching power supply, continue, work under the the intersection of city power and the intersection of deenergization and situation, and only use a storage battery, this text designs a kind of incessant multileaving switching power supply with backup battery, this switching power supply can continue offering the direct-current volts in case of deenergization of city power, and can offer the fault signal of city power to the controlling circuit. In cases city power is normal, city power gives at the same time multi-channelly and isolates and exports switching power supply and accessory power supply to supply power. Multi-channel to isolate the mutual isolated direct-current volts of power supply multibank of the output switch and supply power for load, to different the intersection of load and power reguirements, can design a corresponding one to be multi-channel to isolate, export switching power supply, and such multi-channel main circuit form that isolates and outputs switching power supply is identical, just grade and quantity of the output voltage are different to some extent. Multi-channel to isolate, export switching power supply work, accessory power supply obtain electric energy from city power too, in order to charge / the control

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