The wireless radio frequency based on ATmega16 and nRF905 receives and dispatches system design

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

The intersection of industry and data collecting system, hydrometeorologicalcontrol system, robot control system, digital image transmission system, etc. , it is due to the electron transport of the data information. We can say, the data information transmission system is important constituent elements of different intelligent control systems. And the data transmission majority adopts the wired data mode, such as

The wireless radio frequency based on ATmega16 and nRF905 receives and dispatches system design
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parallet transfer, serial transmission and CAN bus, etc. In the transmission mode of the wired data. Machine format transmission carriers are paired line, coaxial or optic fibre. In fact, data transmission can also use wireless transmission mode, namely realize data transmission through the air or vacuum. Compare in traditional wired data transmission mode, wireless transmission mode needn`t consider transmitting the installation question of the cable, thus saves a large number of cables, reduce difficulty of construction and system cost, therefore is a very potential subject for research. This text provide with the intersection of ATMEGA16L and one-chip computer and the intersection of nRF905 and wireless the intersection of radio frequency and device receiving and dispatching constituent one wireless cipher scheming of data transmission system. This system is launched and received the module to make up. After the data that will launch the module and will be sent mainly are dealt with by the one-chip computer, send through nRF905 out. In receiving the module, nRF905 reveals through the nixie tube after receiving the data correctly, thus realize the wireless communication of the short distance. The overall block diagram of this system is shown as in Fig. 1, the arrowhead points to the trend which shows the signal in the picture. This system can be divided into power module, the control module of centre, wireless four parts...

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