Three-Level Audio Power Indicator

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This circuit is intended to indicate the power output level of any audio amplifier. It is simple, portable, and displays three power levels that can be set to any desired value. For a standard HiFi stereo power amplifier like the 25W one described in these pages, the power output values suggested are as followings: The above values were chosen for

Three-Level Audio Power Indicator
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easy setup, but other settings are possible. IC1A is the input buffer, feeding 3 voltage comparators and LEDs drivers by means of a variable dc voltage obtained by R5 and C4 smoothing action. In order to achieve setting stability, the supply of IC1 and trimmers R6 & R7 is reduced and clamped to 5. 1V * Connect the generator to the amplifier input and the Audio Power Indicator to the output of the amplifier, in parallel with the oscilloscope probe or the audio millivoltmeter input. * Example: set the output of the 1KHz sinewave generator to read 14V on the audio millivoltmeter (24. 5W 8 Ohms). Set R2 until D3 illuminates, and be sure that D3 turns-off when diminishing a little the generator`s output.

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