Three-tone electronic doorbell 1

The three-tone electronic doorbell circuit consists of buttons Sl-S3, transistors Vl, V2, speaker BL, resistors Rl-R3, capacitors Cl, C2, diode VD and battery GB, and it is shown in Figure 3-109. Rl-R3 use the 1/4W carbon film resistors or metal film resistors. Cl uses the electrolytic capacitor with voltage in 16V; C2 uses the monolithic capacito

rs or polyester capacitors. VD uses the 2AP9 germanium ordinary diode or 1N4148 silicon switching diode. Vl uses the 3DG6 or S9013 silicon NPN transistor; V2 uses the 3AX31 germanium PNP transistor.

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