TiDiGino the Arduino-based GSM remote control

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Using an ATmega 2560 and therefore the heart of Arduino, we have developed a universal remote control with GSM. This allows to control 2IN/2OUT, DTMF key, gate control and GSM thermostat activated remotely. The remote control is easier, thanks to the availability of several libraries that allow you to do anything to the Arduino microprocessor; if

TiDiGino the Arduino-based GSM remote control
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there is not really a specific library, you can modify an existing one. Thus was born TiDiGino, based on the chip ATmega 2560 used in Arduino Mega. Our system has connectors S. I. L. to mount any shield, each of them is in the same location where you would be in the original development platform, which enables the use of commercial and in any case the standard shield. We said that the functions of our remote control, ie 2IN/2OUT, gate opener, key DTMF GSM and thermostat can be achieved by using special firmware, well, we could write these ourselves, but we wanted to offer our readers who know the Arduino environment do them. This is the sense of TiDiGino Contest, which you could follow our blog and that has just ended, as promised, we publish the hardware of the remote control and a few routines. The TiDiGino is based on a ATmega 2560chip, some pins are used to manage GSM functionality, corresponding to ports that are not used in the original Arduino MEGA. For this reason it is necessary to replace the file pins_arduino. c located under the folder C:ProgramFilesarduino-0022hardwarearduinocoresarduino that is created by downloading the Arduino IDE, with that we made available with the library, otherwise it is possible to manage all`ATmega 2560 lines of I/O provided by the platform Arduino MEGA. This choice was intended to leave some I/O free for use by any shield. Therefore you can use the sketches already made to control a...

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