Tilt Alarm Circuit

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

This is a circuit where an alarm will go off once the circuit is tilted. Once the circuit is tilted beyond a certain degree, a loud buzzer will go off, alerting us to this. Many different types of electronics have tip-over protection circuits. One such device are heaters. Usually, though, the heater will be wired so that it will just shut off when

Tilt Alarm Circuit
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it is tipped over. If you want to learn how to build a circuit that simply shuts off when it is tilted or tipped over, see How to Build a Simple Tilt Sensor Circuit. However, for this circuit, we are not simply going to shut off the circuit when it tilts or tips over. Instead we are going to add slight more sophistication so that an alarm goes off instead during a tilt or tipover. Instead of just simply shutting off during a device tipover, many times you may want to be alerted to this. For example, imagine if you have vending machine and some people come over and tilt and tip it over. You wouldn`t just want the vending machine to shut off. You would want to be alerted of this and have alarms sound off as to know that a group of people have tipped over or are trying to tip over your vending machine. So you can see the type of application this type of circuit could have. Tilt sensors work by having a free moving mass, usually a rolling ball, in them with a conductive plate beneath. When the sensor is completely upright, the ball falls to the bottom of the sensor, touching the electrical connection path, closing the electrical connection from the 2 end terminals, allowing current to be able to flow. When the sensor is tilted, the ball does not fall to the bottom and close the electrical conductive path. Therefore, the conductive path is open and no current can flow. Like a transistor, when the SCR receives sufficient voltage...

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