Time Switch

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This circuit is especially designed for those who often need to wake up early in the morning. Ordinary alarms in electronic watches are not loud enough and very often they fail to wake up. The switch circuit described here will come handy; it can be used to switch on a TV, radio or tape recorder etc, which will not allow even the laziest amongst u

Time Switch
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s to ignore their sound for too long. Besides, this time switch can also be used to switch on/off any other electric or electronic gadget at any time. What you need is a simple analogue electronic clock with alarm facility and a small circuit to implement the time switch. This time switch has two modes. One is time-on` mode and the other is time-off ` mode. In time-on mode, you set up the alarm in your clock as per normal procedure and at the set time this switch turns on the gadget connected at the output socket-1. In time-off mode, it turns your gadget off at the set time. The optional output socket-2 is wired in such a way that when you use this socket, the mode changes without having to flip the mode switch (i. e. mode switch can be omitted). Please refer to the back panel diagram of a typical analogue clock and the audio jack, to see how the existing buzzer of the clock is required to be wired to the audio output from the clock. This will ensure that when plug is inserted in the audio jack, the clock`s buzzer will remain off and not consume any power unnecessarily. The audio alarm output from the clock is coupled to the AF detector built around low-power switching transistor T1. During alarm, the collector of transistor T1 will fluctuate around ground level and Vcc. During absence of audio alarm input, the collector of transistor T1 is held at Vcc potential. The next stage consists of an S-R latch built around NAND...

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