Toggle Switch No.1 - Cmos 4013

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This simple circuit will energize and de-energize a relay at the push of a button. Any type of momentary action push-to-make switch can be used. Pushing the button once - will energize the relay. And pushing it a second time - will de-energize the relay. I`ve drawn the circuit with a single pole relay. But you can use a multi-pole relay if it suit

Toggle Switch No.1 - Cmos 4013
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s your application. Only one half of the Cmos 4013 is used. So you could construct two independent toggle switches with a single IC. The circuit will work at anything from 5 to 15-volts. All you need do is select a relay with a coil voltage that suits your supply. The LED provides a visual indication that the relay is energized. In effect - it tells you whether the switch is on or off. It`s not necessary to the operation of the circuit. If you wish you may leave out R3 and the LED. Do not use the "on-board" relay to switch mains voltage. The board`s layout does not offer sufficient isolation between the relay contacts and the low-voltage components. If you want to switch mains voltage - mount a suitably rated relay somewhere safe - Away From The Board.

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