Tone Generator Circuits

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Multi Tone Alarm Description This is a simple and easy to build multi tone alarm circuit that can be used in burglar alarms or sirens. The circuit is based on dual op amp MC1458 and LM 380. The two op amps inside the MC 1458 are used to produce square and triangular waves. LM 380 is used to amplify the output. The first op amp IC1a is wired as an as

Tone Generator Circuits
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table multi vibrator and second op amp IC1b is wired as an integrator, to make the square wave triangle. The two output square ans sine can be selected using switch S1 Simple Sound Generator Circuit Description This is a real scream generator circuit suitable for any purpose like alarm or car horn. The circuit is based on two transistors Q1 and Q2. When you press the switch S2 the siren starts up moving to a high frequency. When the switch is released the tone slips down until you shift it up again by pushing the switch S2. Sound Generator Circuit Diagram with Parts List. Notes. Adjustment of tone quality can be obtained by different values for C2. If the alarm oscillates before S2 is pressed. The transistor is leaky, replace it. S1 can be used Doorbell Circuit Description Here is a simple and easy to build doorbell circuit using IC UM 66. The details of UM 66 is given in the older post Melody Generator using UM 66 ³. This is a slight modification of that circuit. In the previous circuit you have to keep the switch pressed for making the IC play the full music. Here if once the push button is pressed C1 is charged and the transistor Q2 will keep the IC playing the music till it ends. The time for the IC to play depends on discharging time of C1 which can be set by R1. Set Melody Generator Circuit Description Here is a simple melody generator circuit you can make using an IC. The UM66 series are CMOS IC`s designed for using...

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