Touch switch circuit

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

A touch switch for a USB powered desk lamp, and the touch switch isn`t working. The circuit diagram, layout and pictures are below. I used the circuits from the following two websites to design the circuit: the 4th circuit. I`ve joined the output of the touch switch to a transistor that should activate the toggle. But the outputof the touch switch appears to be constantly on.

Touch switch circuit
Click here to download the full size of the above Circuit.

Can anyone see a problem with my circuit design or circuit Then if it still gives you trouble, pull the 12 + volts and 10 K between the Jfet and the inverter and put a current limiting resistor about 1K as in my pic. From the picks + volts does not do anything for the inverter and no volts does nothing for the inverter. However volts does make the inverter change state. Right now the inverter is getting no volts or + volts. First your schematics are hard to read joints and jumps should be pronounced like this pic. Also on your jfet I cannot tell your source from your drain and whether it is connected correctly, now I could assume however that is a bad thing to do when trying to find out why a circuit doesn`t work. Also cannot tell the on or off position of your switches. All the wires that crossover in the schematic are joined except for the one from pin 3 of the CMOS 4013. Could you use the layout diagram and pictures to figure out the orientation of the JFET Below is the schematic I used to make the circuit, and when I was making the circuit I couldn`t tell where the source or drain was, so I guessed that the drain would be the one connected to ground. Is this correct Should I try flipping the JFET around Both toggle switches are closed, they are just used to turn of the touch part of the circuit when not in use. The pushbutton is normally open and is only used as a backup if the touch doesn`t work. It does the same...

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