Transistor inverter circuit 6

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

This is transistor inverter circuit diagram 100watt it sizes are easy circuit. Because of use the all transistor, have no the integrated circuit. It performs to modify from battery 12V be 220V 50Hz signal square wave. By the circuit works with transistor BC558 x 2pcs and RC assemble the circuit produces 100HZ frequency from that time. There is the

Transistor inverter circuit 6
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transistor BC558 2 again, build the circuit divides by 2 times frequency be left 50Hz frequencies from that time. There is the transistor BD139 and 2N3055 each other be Darlington for drive AC transformer 12V CT 12V : 220V, enhance ac voltage 12V from be 220V 50HZ fully be usable next. The detail is other see in inverter circuit diagram. This converter has a central component, the CMOS 4047, and converts a 12V DC voltage to 220V AC voltage. 4047 is utilised as a astable multivibrator. At pin 10 and 11 we find a rectangular symmetrically signal which is amplified by tow Darlington transistors T1 and T2 and finally reaches the secondary coil of a transformer network (2 x 10V/60VA). Primary coil terminals voltage is 220 alternative voltage. To obtain a better performance use a toroidal core transformer with reduced losses. With P1 the output frequency can be regulated between certain limits (50 400Hz). This be Mini Power Inverter, by use SCR be main part electronics, perform Oscillator Generator 400Hz give Output 300V by use Voltage Input 12V Current 0. 8A. The only drawback with this circuit is that it might latch in the conducting state if the load is too heavy or if there is a short at the output, this requires some kind of protection, on the input line, in the form of a fuse or similar. The transformer used is a 10W mains type with 6V+6V windings on the SCR side and a 110V+110V windings, in series, at the output....

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