Posted on Feb 6, 2014

To the automatic transmission, there is a judder throught the box in fifth gear only and is more pro nounced when climbing an incline. If you knock it into sport mode and thus change down to fourth gear this judder disappears, it has been to the local ZF specialist! i was informed that a service should cure this problem and this was done. As you can guess this did nothing and

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when i asked why i was told i would need to drive it for a few days for it to come good( ha ha), when this didnt happen i was informed that the torque converter needed to be refurbished. I then took the box out and took the converter to the local torque converter place and had it refurbished, and oil and filter was then carried out will the box was out and the torque converter was re install with box. I have just replaced the torque converter with a brand new Land Rover part at great expense and the judder at 55-60 mph is identical sadly. The old one came out with clean oil and no burnt smells. I am now going to look at the valve block to see if the valves that control the lock up clutch could be causing the problem. With some fresh correct fluid the box changes and operates brilliantly in every way except between 55 and about 65 mph where I get a vibration much like everyone else describes. Ive done all the engine misfire tricks as occasionally the EML light comes on which we believe is the judder in the gearbox fooling the engine management system. Will let you know how it goes and feedback! Amazingly I run a big BMW dealership for a living and we never get this problem on our cars with this box so my boys are as lost as me!

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