Transmit Infrared Signals Through Walls

Posted on Feb 7, 2014

How to use your existing infrared transmitter from any room in the house. The principal is really pretty simple, and it works better than you would think. This is a `very handy` little project. With this gadget you can control anything from pretty much anywhere. Even place your stereo equipment inside an enclosure then use your existing IR remote control without line of sight. Adjust the volume on your

Transmit Infrared Signals Through Walls
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stereo from other rooms in the house. You name it - so enjoy. ;o] I have tested both circuits with TV`s, stereo`s, and various VCR`s & CD players. I can change channels, adjust volume, etc, from any room in the house (and outside) where I have the IR to RF circuit in Figure #1. The RF to IR circuit in Figure #2 is placed on a bookshelf across our living room, and aimed in the direction of our TV & stereo. Note: You can place the IRLED on long wires to extend it right onto the front of the equipment you need to control and do away with the Zetex 603 High-Current IRLED drive circuit. I`m a little power hungry, and always like to see just how far I can push the envelope, but you may prefer to tone this down a bit. You can directly drive the IRLED with a single series resistor on the 40kHz modulating PIC for much shorter range operation. We`ll use our existing infrared remote control transmitter for our TV. We`ll transmit to the IR detector shown in Figure #1 below. The IR signal from our transmitter is output on the TSOP-1140 40kHz IR detector module data output pin (labeled RX DOUT) in Figure #1. The IR detectors output signal feeds data to the input of the TXLC-315 RF transmitter module through the 2N3906 PNP transistor inverter circuit. When no data is being received from the IR transmitter, the PNP transistor & TXLC-315 RF module are both OFF. We need this inverter circuit since the TXLC-315 data input needs to be held at...

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