Tron Disc with .NET Microframework

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Harford Hackerspace wanted to make our own Tron Identity Disc using the Netduino, allowing us to quickly load different versions of code to change the disc`s functionality. David Powell, Gary W. Cygiel, Jeremy Ashinghurst, Paul King, Jason McMahon present a simple lightshow in this tutorial, developers can easily extend the code and hardware to p

Tron Disc with .NET Microframework
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roduce an interactive game. To get started, we purchased and retrofitted a Spin Master Tron Identity Disc replica, which kept us from having to create a new physical disk, and so sidestepped the most difficult aspect of the project. Placing the Tron Idenity Disc on or removing the Tron Identity Disc from a charging station will raise an event handler. Placing the disc on the charger will start a pulsating animation. Removing the disc will resume the previous animation. The original Deluxe Tron Identity Disc contained six LED on the outer ring, which left much to be desired. Our modified disc includes 30 LEDs on the outer ring and two LEDs illuminating the inner arc. To get started, we opened the disc by removing its four Phillips head screws. Next, we removed all electronics including the wires, tilt sensor, LEDs, switch, speaker, and microcontroller board, taking care to not lose the plastic momentary button, since we later used it to switch between our animations. Then, we used a Dremel with a cutoff wheel to remove any unnecessary plastic in order to make room our own electronics. See Figure 1. As shown in Figure 2, we used superglue to attach the narrow end of the momentary button to the plastic Tron ring. Then, using the Dremel, we cut a small L bracket from a scrap piece of acrylic and attached it with cyanoacrylate. We reinforced the L bracket using hot glue and applied a small amount of cyanoacrylate to the...

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