Tube Technology

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

Electron tubes How Electron tubes work, Early tube history, The triode, The tetrode, Beam power tubes, The pentode, Combination tubes, Tube parameters, Ionization (gas-filled) tubes, Display tubes, Microwave tubes, Tubes versus Semiconductors Electron tubes This site is dedicated to Electron Tubes of all kinds. Here you will find information about

Tube Technology
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the construction of tubes and what some of them were used for, a tip Fun With Tubes Electronic emission, tubes, and power introduction to electron tubes, the diode tube, grid bias operating, classifications of tube amplifiers, the pentode, beam power and power pentode tues, power amplifier, planar tubes, gas-filled tubes, the cathode-ray tube (CRT), electrostatic deflection, power supplies, rectifiers, full wave rectifier, bridge rectifier, filters, half-wave rectifier with an LC choke-input filter, voltage regulation, basic VR tube regulator circuit, VR tubes Connected in parallel, current regulation Kilokat`s antique light bulb antique light bulbs, antique radio tubes, tube bulb box art, Crookes tubes, Geissler tubes, view classic vacuum tube and incandescent lamp packaging LC Oscillators with tubes The LC Oscillator, Armstrong Oscillator, Hartley Oscillator, Colpitts Oscillator, Crystal Oscillator, Electron-coupled Oscillator (ECO) Power Supplies with tubes The Diode, Half-wave rectifying, Full-wave rectifying, The Filter, The Voltage Divider, The Voltage Regulator, The Voltage Doubler, AC/DC Power Supplies, Vibrator Power Supplies

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