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This is an experimental tube, that never made it. It was made by one of the Engineers of EI in Serbia, just out of interest. It was an idea of Mike Matthews from new sensor, and the tube was based on the PL519, and had indeed the characteristics of a 300B, and full 40 Watt. So it`s not the history of the 300B, but almost. The tube was to

be named 400B. Pictures are send by a friend, they are first hand. Emission Labs ® is a small tube factory in the Czech republic. It is fully independent, all vacuum technologies, small piece part production, and glass production is in house. There is a family of rectifier tubes, pre-amplifier tubes, 300B family tubes, and a family of larger triodes, of which the largest model 1605 even exceeds the 845 triode. For industrial customers spark bridges and some other vacuum products are made. Production was started in the year 2000, without own brand name at that time. JJ stands for Jan Jorgo, the owner of the Company. In 1994, TESLA has decided to sell off the Audio tubes production, since prices at that time were rock bottom low, they felt this industry was bound to die, and the Chinese were dumping tubes for candy prices. They decided to keep the transmitter tubes, which was another mistake. Anyway in 1994 JJ would start building tubes, at first with three types. I believe those were EL84, EL34 and ECC83. Later in 1999 they had a 300B tube in production. Here you see a specifications overview, I made myself in 2000, since they had no data sheets at that time. The fun part is, 10 years later, I still see this circling around in the internet as "the data sheet". These are made by Mr. Liu in China. They make normal 300B tubes, and a mesh version, which is no mesh version, but a punched plate. Here is my personal experience...

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