Type 230 Combination Controller

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

This bulletin outlines applications, design features, equipment arrangement, and space planning, for the type 230 controllers. These controllers are for the control and protection of induction motors or transformers on 2300-4160-volt systems. Each type 230 controller is a coordinated combination of heavy-duty vacuum contactor, thermal overload rel

Type 230 Combination Controller
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ay, current transformers, and current-limiting fuses, with safety-interlocked isolating switch. The power elements are arranged vertically, for easy and safe installation and maintenance. Each controller requires only a 20" square of floor space. GENERAL The 230 controller provides full-voltage, non-reversing, magnetic starting and protection for induction motors. Or it may be used to switch and protect transformers. Alternate designs are available for synchronous motor control, reduced voltage starting, and other special applications. SYSTEM CAPACITY These controllers may be used on power systems capable of producing fault currents up to 80, 000 ‘amps RMS asymmetrical. On a 3 ‘phase basis, that corresponds to 200, 000 ‘KVA at 2300 ‘volts and 350, 000 ‘KVA at 4160 ‘volts for symmetrical current calculations. This assumes 1. 6 ratio between asymmetrical current and initial symmetrical current, for first-cycle fault interruption. LOCATION The 230 controller is ideal for indoor locations. In a minimum floor space, the design provides the safety and maintainability of one-high construction. The 230 needs only 2. 78 square feet of floor space with working space required only in the front of the controller. LOADS The 230 ‘PM controller is made in two ratings: 180 ‘amp and 360 ‘amp. The 360 ‘amp rating may be used for up to 1500 ‘HP, 2300 ‘V, or 2500 ‘HP, 4160 ‘V. These general limits are for motors with 1. 15 service factor and...

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