UPS-Uninterruptable Power Supplies

Posted on Feb 4, 2014

Most of us take the mains ac supply for granted and use it almost casually without giving the slightest thought to its inherent shortcomings and the danger posed to sophisticated and sensitive electronic instruments/equipments. For ordinary household appliances such as incandencent lamps, tubes, fans, TV and fridge, the mains ac supply does not ma

UPS-Uninterruptable Power Supplies
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ke much difference, but when used for computers, medical equipments and telecommunica ¬tion systems, a clean, stable interruption free power supply is of the utmost importance. Of the myriad of devices, processes and systems which rely on ac power, computers are probably the most sensitive to power disturbances and failures. Interruptions in powersupply may cause the contents of a memory to be lost or corrupted, the entire system to malfunction or fail, or even variety of components failures to occur, all of which not only result in inconvenience but also loss of money. As more and more PCs, word processors and data terminals find their way into small business, UPS systems that meet the power requirements and price range needs of even the small business organizations and offices are being manufactured. There are three distinct types of uninter ­rupted power supplies, namely, ( £) on-line UPS (ii) off-line UPS, and (Hi) electronic gen ­erators. In the on-line UPS, whether the mains power is on or off, the battery operated inverter is on all the time and supplies the ac output voltage. When the mains power supply goes off, the UPS will be on only until the battery gets discharged. When the main power resumes, the battery will get charged again. In off-line UPS and electronic genera ­tors, ther inverter is off when the mains power is present and the output voltage derived directly from the mains is the same as the mains supply...

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